I make handmade ceramics in stoneware clay. Here you can find unique items made in small quantities in my studio in Sollentuna.

I only use high-quality raw materials, with sustainability in focus, to create products that will last for a lifetime.

To create my products I use different technigues. I roll, thumb and handthrow. I also make molds and slipcast items.

Many of the old laces I roll into the products I have inherited from my grandmother Ingrid and grandmother Inga , and some I have found bargains on flea market. By rolling in the structure from the old lace to the clay, the lace gets a new life in a new form and the old handicraft lives on for generations.

Each product is unique and can vary in size and shape, giving it a true sense of craftsmanship with personality and character. Images you find in the webshop are representation photos, and not photos of the exact item you will get  home.

With PetraLundsLera's handmade ceramics, you create a lovely table setting for both daily use and special occations. The design on plates, serving dishes, bowls and cups is simple and stylish, while the lace gives that little extra.

A complete series of durable stoneware with several different stoneware clays and in several different color shades that last a long time and are easy to combine into beautiful settings.

All products are dishwasher-, micro-  and oven safe.

I do not send out products I cannot stand for, but if you feel that something is wrong with your product, please feel free to contact me via [email protected]

If you are a chef or in the restaurant business , you are welcome to contact me for collaboration to produce products specifically for your needs!

Would you like to arrange a private  workshop for a group eg. we are always interested in tailoring something  especially for you!

Keep in touch!

Varm greetings Petra